Ethics charter

Ethics charter

Within the framework of its mission, the Paint a Smile Foundation is committed to the following principles:

Towards the persons hospitalised and their families

Compliance with laws in force at national levels concerning the rights of persons who are hospitalised and in specialised institutions.
Training and mentoring of the artist painters so they apply the following guidelines:

– Not to practice either therapeutic procedures or medical care
– Comply with the hospital’s rules of hygiene
– Respect the strictest confidentiality for any information to which they may have access.

Towards the hospitals and medical institutes

Training and mentoring artists painters so they apply the following guidelines:

– Do not impede the work of care givers
– Follow the instructions prescribed by the medical staff on rules of hygiene
– Adopt appropriate behaviour for different types of patients’ pathology

Towards partner companies

As part of its contracts with partner companies, the Paint a Smile Foundation is committed to:

– Assure that they are regularly informed of the Foundation’s activities
– Respect the sponsor’s guidelines for the use of their image
– Control the use of the communication made about the Foundation by partner companies

The Paint a Smile Foundation is also committed to not accept support from businesses whose activity does not comply with the ethical values of the Foundation.

Towards donors

Not to mention the names of donors if they have not given their authorisation.
To apply the rules in effect for the fiscal monitoring of donations.
Not to use donors personal data for commercial purposes.

Towards the artist painters

Assure the artists painters:

– Training and mentoring to work in health care settings
– An evolution of their responsibilities and their fees based on the number of projects realised
– A proactive collaboration with the project manager of the Paint a Smile Foundation
– The consideration of their comments and queries